Dear Reef,
Thank you again for the Program. I like it so much! I can run it even from my office computer. I can save data in ASCII format and transfer them to Origin, for example.

EWWin 2012 for Windows

EWWIN 2012 is a complete data acquisition solution for your EPR needs. Designed by spectroscopists for spectroscopists, it is in use around the world on all makes and models of EPR spectrometers.

NOW includes EWVOIGT.

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  • Display data acquisition of current and averaged data in real time for one to four channels
  • Separate data acquisition and data manipulation windows for simultaneous operation
  • File I/O in a variety of data formats (including Bruker)
  • Data manipulation of spectra
    • Add, subtract, multiply, divide by a constant `
    • Copy, duplicate, move
    • Fast Fourier Transform
    • Smooth (Savitsky Golay with any number of points)
    • Integrate, Differentiate, Double Integration
    • Align spectra
    • Spectral Subtraction
    • Baseline Correction (including entering arbitrary baseline correction)
    • Shift in field axis
    • Flatten (for FFT smoothing)
    • FFT Windowing (Parzen, Hanning, Welch, Hamming, Exact)
    • Auto offset (vertical display of data)
    • Power calculation (for determining power saturation)
    • Statistical analysis of noise
    • Line shape analysis (EWVoigt functionality)
  • Setup of data acquisition parameters from independent window

A 14 day fully functional version of EWWIN 2012 can be downloaded. After 14 days, request a free validation code for the basic EWWIN 2012 functions (everything except data acquisition and lineshape analysis).

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Hardware: (Platform-Independent Data Acquisition Module 5.2)

  • 233 MHz x486 low power CPU with
    • 64 Mbyte memory
    • 64 Mbyte Disk On Chip (larger sizes available)
    • Ethernet communication port for high-speed data transfer to EWWIN 2012
  • 1.25 MHz 12 bit A/D converter
  • Four A/D channels of data collection
  • Gain can be set for each channel (+/- 10.00 V to +/- 0.325 V)
  • Two 12 bit D/A converters (one dedicated to magnet control)
  • Digital I/O
  • On board clock and timer
  • All cables for your spectrometer
  • Data acquisition can be selected:
    • to generate a voltage ramp to drive the magnetic field
    • in synchrony with digital stepping pulses from the spectrometer
  • All data summed in integer format and averaged in 80 bit floating point for highest possible resolution
  • Archives last 64 (optionally 256) spectra for retrieval
  • Up to 8192 data points per scan
  • For all Varian, Bruker, JEOL, and other spectrometers

Key Publications [See all relevant publications.]

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