Dear Reef,
Thank you again for the Program. I like it so much! I can run it even from my office computer. I can save data in ASCII format and transfer them to Origin, for example.

About Scientific Software Services

Our mission is to provide the EPR community with the best price/performance software and hardware for data acquisition and data processing.

Founded in 1988...

Scientific Software Services was founded in 1988 with a single product, EPRWare, designed for data acquisition on a Varian EPR spectrometer. Since that time, we have added products for EPR simulation, linewidth deconvolution, EPR imaging, for all spectrometers and have enhanced EPRWare through several version. Our EPR products are in use around the world.

Scientific Software Services is the largest third-party supplier of EPR software and hardware in the world.


Today, Scientific Software Services is developing software for all commercially-available EPR spectrometers. EPRWare has been enhanced to run under the Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. Its stand-alone data acquisition processor is unique in the industry and can be used with any computer platform and EPR spectrometer.

The future...

In the future, we will be developing products for further enhancing the EPR-spectroscopists ability to gather, analyze, and organize spectral data on additional computer platforms (such as the Macintosh and Linux operating systems) as well as providing web-based data acquisition and spectrometer control (see NEW on home page.)

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